Plant Alchemy Oracle Deck-2.jpg

When people ask me what kind of art I make, I usually say "I make art with plants - plant art!" That's the simple, watered-down version.

This is what I really do.


I go outside and I greet the plants, soil, stones, sky - the whole landscape. I pay attention and sit in awe of the Life and beings that are all around me. I play. I talk to plants (I am sure I look rather odd, but I can't help it!). After spending some time getting to know everyone, I respectfully, mindfully, and gratefully gather just enough pieces of plants (generally I look for fallen or abundant pieces, asking permission and noticing the ecosystem). 



Then I return to wherever I am going to be creating and cultivate a meditative state. I light a candle or burn incense. I focus on the process, releasing what my ego thinks it should look like and opening up to whatever will come forth. I collaborate with the energy of the plants and we co-create. Designs start to unfold as intuition takes over. Leaves find their places.  Sacred geometric shapes appear. Flowers reveal their secrets.

At some point it feels complete. Usually it's perfectly imperfect and I have to keep my perfectionist tendencies in check - a great practice in acceptance, letting go, and embracing what is. I take some photos. When the situation allows, I let the plants sit out for a day, blessing the space with their beauty, before I gather the pieces and release them back into the natural cycle of Life.


So... I make plant art. 

But what I'm really doing is engaging in relationship.