I am a co-creator, bridge-builder, translator, relationship-facilitator between people and plants. My goal is not to make art itself, but to engage in all sorts of processes that connect us with our greatest teachers and healers - Plants. I do this work through art, as well as gardening, horticultural therapy, supporting environmental justice, herbalism, and more.



However, I did not grow up making art, talking with plants, or connecting with the Earth as I do now. Like many others, I inherited and grew up perpetuating a tragically broken relationship with the Earth. We spend much of our time trying to fix the visible symptoms of this invisible "Disease of Disconnection". Meanwhile something deep within us is yearning to feel connected, rooted, grounded, and in meaningful relationship with the living things (not just human) all around us.


 I started making art with plants because they were attractive and I wanted a creative outlet. I had no idea then that it would change my life so deeply. I didn't know that it would lead me to uncover and begin to heal from that hidden "disease". Through the intimacy of the art-making, the plants were gracious enough to become my medicine, my teachers, and my friends. I know from experience that radical, transformative healing can come from reconnecting with plants and the land. Not just for ourselves, but for our communities as well. Through my process-oriented art, I seek to continue to explore these relationships and cultivate this (re)connection.



I am continually experimenting with how my interests and passions can be woven together more skillfully. I am practicing new ways to make and share meditative, intuitive plant art. I am following my passion for facilitating a wide variety of people-plant interactions. I am learning how to center transformative justice in all that I do. I am engaging daily with the Sacred through creation and personal ritual. I am learning how to be guided by my intuition and the Earth-based ancestral wisdom that is my birthright. I am walking the labyrinth that is my life journey and am grateful to be able to share it with you.