I have always been interested in being a conduit for that which is Divine and facilitating healing and growth. I got a bachelors degree in social work in an attempt to learn how to do this in a “practical” way. I also have always been obsessed with the beauty and magic of plants. But it wasn’t until I was burnt out from being around the pain of others, overwhelmed by the injustices of our society, and not dealing with the pain in myself that I began to work with plants more intentionally.

So much has happened between then and now. I rebelled, I wandered, I slept on friend’s couches, I used music to pour out my heart, I wanted to die, I wanted to live, I fell in love with the sacred process of creativity, I got lost in the veins of leaves, I arranged flowers, I studied horticultural therapy, I planted seeds and watched them grow, I talked to plants, I searched everywhere for the Divine that was always within myself, and I found the Divine that is everywhere.

Life can seem filled with unconnected decisions, twists and turns which, like a labyrinth, seem to be taking us further from the supposed destination. When I started making art with plants I had no idea that it would change my life in the way it has. It was just another twist of the labyrinth, but I am beginning to see a little more "sense" in the twists and turns. 

Currently, I am exploring how those life-long interests and passions can be woven together more skillfully. I am nurturing ideas of new ways to make and share meditative, intuitive plant art. I am exploring my passion for facilitating a wide variety of people-plant interactions. I am slowly working towards becoming a horticultural therapist. I am learning how to center justice coupled with compassion in all that I do. I am daily engaging the Sacred through creation and personal ritual. I am learning how to be guided by my intuition and the Divine source that it flows from. I am walking the labyrinth that is my life journey and grateful to be able to share it with you all.