Intuitive Plant Art Readings

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When I work with the plants I don't just create designs. I energetically collaborate and co-create with these sacred, living beings. When we add YOUR energy into the mix, something magical happens...


My Intuitive Plant Art Readings are a unique offering that has developed on it's own over time. When I work with the plants, I often find myself in something of a trance as I flow through the creative process. Usually this feels similar to a meditation, but there are times when it feels more like a channeling is taking place. I have found that when I dedicate a plant-art creating session to a specific focus, messages begin to take shape within my mind. Phrases might repeat themselves in my head. Thoughts arise from "not-only" me, from the plants, from somewhere beyond.

When I do a Reading for someone, I dedicate the whole process in ritual, focused on listening to what messages come up for you. The art that is made through the process is made only for you. It is not based off your favorite color or plant or shape or special event. Art made during a reading shapes itself.  

What I love about this process is how different it feels every time. Your energy adds such a different flavor to the whole experience. I'll find myself drawn to plants I never really noticed before or creating artistic elements I would have never tried on my own. This is part of why I know there is truly an energetic collaboration happening and not simply a commissioned design being made. 


While I may share the image publicly (only with your permission), no one else will ever get a print of that design. And I will never share the words and phrases that came up during that ritual with anyone but you. After a reading, I will send you a digital file of the plant art and the messages that came through. I will also send you a fine art quality 8"x10" print of your custom plant art design. 


When you recieve an Intuitive Plant Art Reading you get:

  • Blessings & Prayers
  • Print of a unique plant art created just for you
  • Words and messages just for you
  • Energetic "check-in" via myself and the plants
  • A special offering found no where else

If you are interested in this offering, please contact me today! 

Readings are offered for $50. Shipping is included, however if outside of continental U.S.A. shipping may cost extra. I am also open to trades of many kinds, so don't hesitate to reach out. Accessibility is very important to me.

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